Battle Creek

Battle Creek City Hall - file photo by WMUK

Moving Battle Creek city elections would save money and could increase turnout. But it might also mean less focus on city elections sharing a ballot with state and federal elections.

The City of Battle Creek and nearby governments say they’ve resolved their differences over use of the sewer system. Several townships and the City of Springfield connect to Battle Creek sewers.

A long-term contract between the parties expired six years ago. Negotiations for a new agreement have been in the works ever since. 

"A missile defense site at Fort Custer would require clearing hundreds of acres but would not affect any threatened or endangered species, a study has concluded. The Missile Defense Agency is studying sites for ground-based non-nuclear interceptors, although the Department of Defense has not decided to construct a site and Congress has not authorized any money for new sites." (Battle Creek Enquirer)


Battle Creek Enquirer Reporter Bowman says the dispute between Arcadia Brewing and Battle Creek Unlimited has been brewing for a while. But it’s unclear if the next stop is court. 

"Battle Creek has moved forward on a $3.5 million effort to create a three-mile railroad quiet zone in the downtown area. Trains would traverse 11 rail crossings in the city's center without sounding their horns once the city installs advanced crossing barriers." (Battle Creek Enquirer)