Bell's Eccentric Cafe

Red Sea Pedestrians, Corn Fed Girls

On Saturday, Aug 10 at Bell's Eccentric Café, The Red Sea Pedestrians and the Corn Fed Girls will unite to perform The Beatles' 1969 album Abbey Road.  Musicians Mike Fuerst and Ian Gorman tell Cara Lieurance about what the album means to them personally, and how the two bands came together to unravel the album and knit it back together, by sharing singing and playing duties amongst themselves. Each group will play a solo set before performing Abbey Road. The album turns 50 years old in September.

CORRECTION: IVERSON plays on Friday, Feb 1 at Bell's Eccentric Café. This story aired on the previous Friday, Jan 25, and IVERSON's performance was referenced as "tonight's" show. We apologize for any confusion.

IVERSON is a synth-pop quintet based in Chicago that writes original songs with a vintage palette from the late 70s-80s. One of the members, keyboardist Gene Knific, grew up in Kalamazoo and studied jazz at the University of Miami. The close-knit group shares long histories as friends and siblings, as wellas advanced study as musicians.

Knific tells Cara Lieurance that IVERSON is an "outward-facing," high-energy pop-focused band that has learned to appreciate the subtleties of writing in pop forms - the challenge of group writing, the extreme specificity of sounds and chords, integrating choreography and visuals, and working to transfer their energy to a crowd. They sample several tracks from IVERSON's latest release, Content

IVERSON will perform at Bell's Eccentric Café on Friday, Feb 1. Doors open at 7:30, with the opening band Earth Radio taking the stage at 8:30 pm.