Columbine High School senior Lisa Kreutz, in wheelchair, is presented her diploma by school administrator Barb Monseu, left, during graduation at Greenwood Village, Colo., on Saturday, May 22, 1999. (AP Photo/Ed Andrieski)
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Across the country schools now work to prevent a shooting in their classrooms. There are also drills in case someone does open fire in a school building. Bridge Senior Writer Ron French explored what schools in Michigan are doing to make schools more secure and to prepare in case of an active shooter.

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Bridge Senior Writer Ron French says the odds that a shooting will happen at any one school are astronomically low, but he says schools still have to spend time and money preparing for an active shooter in their building. Bridge examined what districts across Michigan are doing to make buildings more secure and the drills in case of an active shooter. 

French says that even though the costs of school security keep rising there is little agreement about best safety practices. He says there are a few simple things that everyone agrees on like locking outside doors. But French says the type of security and the details of active shooter drills varies from district to district.

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Bridge reporter Mike Wilkinson says you can drive for long stretches in western states without realizing that marijuana is legal, but he says all of a sudden you see billboards advertising pot.

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The Great Lakes are not as large as the oceans, but Bridge reporter Jim Malewitz says they are large bodies of water and hazards like rip currents can make them very dangerous, even deadly.


Bridge Senior Writer Ron French calls Michigan’s efforts to boost reading scores “a sobering story.” He says the state focused on reading proficiently by third grade, and dedicated $80-million to help, but the scores actually went down.