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Note: In commemoration of Juneteenth, we're reposting our story about this annual June 19th tradition. It first published and aired on June 17, 2016.

Every year, we celebrate our independence from Great Britain on the Fourth of July. But did you know that, in most states, there’s another independence day that some people also celebrate? It’s called Juneteenth, a 150-year-old African-American tradition that’s very much alive in Kalamazoo. But if Juneteenth has been around for 150 years, why haven’t more people heard of it?

Courtesy Stephanie Moore

On June 18th,  the Douglass Community Association’s Youth Advisory Council will premiere its original production of "Covert" at Kalamazoo College's Dalton Theatre. It's the culmination of more than a year of chronicling the lives of Kalamazoo's civil rights leaders, then combining them with poetry, music, and dance to create a simultaneously original and historical production.