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Writer Ben Lando says he wanted to focus on three key developments in Kalamazoo “that I thought personally were cool” and give a snap shot of what developer PlazaCorp is doing in the city. Lando’s article  Building Skyscapers and Saving History appears in the January edition of Encore Magazine. 

PlazaCorp is involved in several high profile projects in Kalamazoo. Lando says in addition to big new structures like the Exchange Building in downtown Kalamazoo, the company has also redeveloped several properties around the city.


In the effort to keep manufacturing jobs, or create new ones, how big a factor is trade? Upjohn Institute Vice President for Research Susan Houseman says it’s at least one cause of fewer manufacturing jobs.

Ken Franklin's board game The Mansky Caper
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Ken Franklin says there’s a board game out there for everybody. The Vicksburg man has created a prohibition era table top game and a new one next year is about designing roller coasters.

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The City of Kalamazoo will soon take advantage of a tool offered by the state to capture tax revenue needed for downtown improvements. 

Susan Andress / Southwest Michigan's Second Wave

Theresa Coty O’Neill says she has discovered a rich legacy and generations of families in part of Kalamazoo. The On the Ground Project Editor for Southwest Michigan’s Second Wave is now writing about the people and places on Kalamazoo’s Northside.