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City of Kalamazoo

View of tents on muddy ground with large puddles, bushes in the foreground and trees in the background under blue sky
Leona Larson / WMUK

The Kalamazoo City Commission may vote on an emergency housing ordinance when it meets Monday evening. If it passes, service providers will be able to apply for a permit to construct temporary housing, including the easy-to-assemble “pod” homes proposed by nonprofit Housing Resources Inc.


Kalamazoo will hold its annual Holiday Parade

Nov 19, 2021
John McNeill / WMUK

The Holiday Season officially arrives in Kalamazoo on Saturday, November 20, with a big parade downtown.

Leona Larson / WMUK

Kalamazoo City commissioners heard three hours of complaints at their meeting on Monday, October 18, about the city's decision to evict homeless people from two campsites.

Jalen Williams / WMUK

Kalamazoo residents may have noticed more young trees in their parks and curb lawns this year. The city is taking steps to add to its tree cover, with 500 new plantings scheduled for 2022.

Kalamazoo Homeless Eviction On Hold, For Now

Sep 30, 2021
Leona Larson / WMUK

The remaining residents of a homeless encampment on Kalamazoo’s east side were not evicted on Wednesday, September 29, as expected. City officials say they're giving them more time to find suitable housing.