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The School Mask Debate Continues

Sep 10, 2021
John McNeill / WMUK

Although the pandemic continues, Kalamazoo Public School officials say there haven't been any COVID-related problems - so far.

Kalamazoo School Mask Mandate Defended

Sep 8, 2021
Paul Sancya / AP Photo

Kalamazoo County's public health officer says he has no regrets about ordering schools to adopt COVID-19 mask mandates.

Portage Schools Face Anger Over Masks

Aug 24, 2021
John McNeill / WMUK

Students and staff in the Portage Public Schools will be masking up when classes start next month. That's after a mandate issued by Kalamazoo County's health department to help limit the spread of the "Delta" variant of COVID-19.

WMU Students Urge Peers To Get COVID Shots

Jun 21, 2021
Andy Robins / WMUK

The Student Health Advisory Council at Western Michigan University is encouraging students to get vaccinated for COVID-19 before the fall semester begins.

Governor Whitmer Visits Kalamazoo

May 11, 2021
John McNeill / WMUK

Teens from 12 to 15 now qualify for Pfizer's COVID vaccine. But they won’t be counted towards the state’s benchmarks for reopening the state.