Micro-Radio Stations Assist COVID Vaccinations

Jan 26, 2021
Information Station Specialists

Local health officials around the country are using an old technology to help vaccine people against COVID-19. They're setting up low-powered AM radio transmitters made by a West Michigan company.

State Capitol - file photo
Kevin Lavery, WKAR

(MPRN) Governor Gretchen Whitmer and state health officials say they are very concerned about a new variant of COVID-19 that’s been found in Michigan. And that could affect the course of the state’s response and the pace of re-opening schools, sports, and businesses.

Christina Burton, courtesy of the Leonard Bernstein Office

The centenary of the birth of the great American composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein was in 2018. On Oct 20, 2018, the Kalamazoo Concert Band took the stage to honor his legacy, with the help of guest artists the Western Brass Quintet. In this flashback, Dr. Tom Evans, director of the KCB, joins Cara Lieurance to share highlights from a concert in which everything came together for an unforgettable experience.

Kalamazoo Children's Chorus

Kalamazoo Children's Chorus director Taylor Gudbrandson says she will carry one primary lesson of the COVID-19 into the future: the chorus is more than a music program; it is a community much like a family. Even without in-person rehearsals, the ties between the choristers have grown as they prepare group and solo pieces for concerts to share online. The most recent is the holiday cabaret "Messages of Hope and Joy," which can be streamed through Jan 31.

Gudbrandson shares specifics on some of the challenges facing the choir in 2021, including a shortfall in funds which they hope to offset with a fund drive ending in March. Donations can be made at the Kalamazoo Children's Chorus website.

Courtesy of the city of Portage

Residents of Portage, Mich., are bursting with civic pride as the Pfizer plant produces COVID-19 vaccines. And they're showing that pride in some unusual ways.

WMUK's Sehvilla Mann reported on the story for NPR. It aired Thursday December 24 during NPR's All Things Considered.