Darcy Wilkin

C. Lieurance

Singer-songwriter Aaron James Wright joins Cara Lieurance to talk about A Little Stronger, his first solo album, and the friendships that helped bring the songs to life. They listen to "Blue at the Green Top" - a reference to a beloved downtown Kalamazoo tavern - as well as the title track, "A Little Stronger," and "Can't Go Back."

courtesy of the artist

A founding member of the Americana band The Corn Fed Girls, and co-host of Grassroots on WMUK, singer-songwriter Darcy Wilkin will soon release her first solo album, Bristol. She'll feature music from the new project in an album release concert at 8 pm on Saturday, Feb 8 at Bell's Eccentric Café.

C. Lieurance

Mark Sahlgren and Darcy Wilkin are a familiar presence on WMUK as hosts of the weekly acoustic music showcase Grassroots

In this edition of Let's Hear It, The father-and-daughter pair join Cara Lieurance in WMUK's Takeda performance studio as musicians rather than radio hosts, and perform Sahlgren's song "Everything Is Just Fine," Wilkin's song "When The World Was Flat," and a traditional song, "The Cuckoo."