(MPRN) The ACLU of Michigan says ICE has misled a federal court about whether Iraqi detainees can go back to Iraq. 


(MPRN-Detroit) The ACLU was in court today trying to get a federal judge to issue an order that immigration officers cannot threaten or coerce detained Iraqis into signing a document that could help deport them.

Kalamazoo residents Erum and Seema Shah rallying for immigrant and Muslim rights at Bronson Park - file photo
Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

The Managing Attorney for the Kalamazoo-based Michigan Immigrant Rights Center says there are many ways to come to the attention of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Susan Reed says that includes applying for citizenship or a green card.


(MPRN-Detroit) A federal judge in Detroit has ordered hearings for hundreds of Iraqi detainees. They are being held by the Department of Homeland Security while they fight deportation. The judge says holding them indefinitely is unconstitutional.


(MPRN-Lansing)  Families of detained Iraqis facing deportation are waiting on word from a federal judge in Detroit. They’re hoping the detainees will be released while they wait for their immigration cases to be re-opened.