Image: Janet Gover; finished by Tamara Diamond

With a cast of 32 on-stage performers and two dozen in the support crew, the Kalamazoo Civic's Youth Theatre production of Frozen Jr will begin its run on Friday, Mar 13 (continuing through Mar 22). Cara Lieurance speaks with the creative team about putting the running of a stage musical into the hands of young people by using the themes from the musical itself to foster connection and support. Director Sandy Davis, music director Julie Davis (co-directing with Brent Decker), choreographer Kris Allemang-Stahl, and the Civic's director of marketing, Janet Gover talk about the experience.

'Alice in Wonderland' in concert in Lucerne, Switzerland
Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra

This April, Miller Auditorium in Kalamazoo will show the Tim Burton film Alice in Wonderland with a live performance of the score by the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra. This may not sound like a big deal to you - but to the symphony, it’s huge. Why? Three words: Walt Disney Pictures. 

Dorothy had it easy: It only took one cyclone ride to whisk her away to the land of Oz. By comparison, Walt Disney Studios has had a much tougher time getting its act on the yellow brick road.