Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

In the Southwest Michigan city of Dowagiac, people are used to hearing creative interpretations of the town's name.

“The biggest one that we hear, and I hear it all the time, is Duh-WAH-jee-ack,” Dowagiac Area History Museum Director Steve Arseneau said in the town that is actually pronounced Duh-WAH-jack.

Novelist Elizabeth Strout Finds Truth In Fiction

May 3, 2014
Leonardo Cendamo

Novelist Elizabeth Strout may have lived in New York for over two decades, but her roots remain firmly entrenched in her home state of Maine, where her four novels have all been based. Her latest work, The Burgess Boysfocuses on a fractured family being forced to pull together after one of its members breaks the law, and how sibling dynamics can put relatives in their place long after they've moved out.