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National leaders are looking for ways to limit economic damage by the corona virus pandemic. Local communities, including Kalamazoo, are doing the same.

Construction in downtown Kalamazoo. Photo by Greyson Steele, WMUK
Greyson Steele / WMUK

Over the next year and a half, changes are coming to downtown Kalamazoo. But the city, the Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership, and Consumers Energy say the central city will remain open for business despite all of the construction. 

Downtown Kalamazoo Mall - file photo from WMUK

PlazaCorp’s work can be seen throughout Kalamazoo. Writer Ben Lando says “you see their work everywhere…cranes, and orange cones.” He wrote about some of their projects for the January issue of Encore Magazine.

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Writer Ben Lando says he wanted to focus on three key developments in Kalamazoo “that I thought personally were cool” and give a snap shot of what developer PlazaCorp is doing in the city. Lando’s article  Building Skyscapers and Saving History appears in the January edition of Encore Magazine. 

PlazaCorp is involved in several high profile projects in Kalamazoo. Lando says in addition to big new structures like the Exchange Building in downtown Kalamazoo, the company has also redeveloped several properties around the city.

Jennifer Combes, of Kalamazoo, and her daughters sit next to the Holly Jolly Trolley driver on the Friday, Dec. 1, 2017 Art Hop Night (Photo by WMUK/Earlene McMichael)
Earlene McMichael | WMUK

Note: For the holiday season, WMUK rebroadcasts this story about downtown Kalamazoo's Holly Jolly Trolley.