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Journalist Anna Clark says she’s written many stories about urban policy in Detroit and Flint. As the water crisis in Flint unfolded she said it was more than could be said even in a long form article.

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A report finds poor communication and a lack of proper risk assessment in the Environmental Protection Agency’s response to the Flint Water Crisis. Contributor to Detroit Public Television’s Great Lakes Bureau Gary Wilson says the report from the EPA’s Inspector General mainly focuses on the EPA’s Region 5 office in Chicago.

Bottled water is distributed in Parchment due to high levels of PFAS - file photo
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The Executive Director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters says state lawmakers should try to get to the bottom of why a report showing the dangers of PFASes wasn’t released to the public for nearly six years.

Parchment PFAS Town Hall Draws Big Crowd

Aug 1, 2018
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There was a full house at Haven Reformed Church Tuesday night as state and local officials held a town hall meeting on PFAS contamination in Parchment. Last Thursday, PFAS levels in the city’s water system were found to be more than 20 times above the 70 parts-per-trillion threshhold set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The group of chemicals has been linked to some kinds of cancer and other diseases.

Water being distributed in Parchment - file photo
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A town hall and open house on PFAS contamination in Parchment’s water system is being held Tuesday night.