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Western Michigan University Assistant Geography Professor Adam Matthews says students may not know what a geographer does. But, he adds, “I’ve seen some students show up and they know about drones and that drones can be used for mapping.”

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Western Michigan University Geography Professor Jay Emerson says a drone that costs $1,000 can get pictures and video. However, he says analyzing that data and making maps from it is much more expensive.

Kalamazoo 4H Races "Quadcopter" Drones

Sep 20, 2017
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Drones, those small, remotely controlled aircraft, are often used for things like making movies or monitoring crops on a farm. But Kalamazoo County’s 4H program has something different in mind – drone racing.

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This weekend, the Michigan Air National Guard base in Battle Creek holds a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new, cutting-edge mission. The fanfare follows many years of uncertainty, as the base gained missions, lost missions and barely survived a massive downsizing program. Now, its future looks more secure. Soon, the Battle Creek Guard will join what’s become one the military’s most essential, and controversial, missions – drone warfare. WMUK Correspondent Erin Sullivan reports:

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The co-founder of the anti-war group Code Pink says they often turn to more confrontational tactics out of desperation. Medea Benjamin says “If we were successful in other ways we wouldn’t do it.”