Election 2018

Tom Arthur/Wikicommons

(MPRN) The Michigan primary is fast approaching. Democrats and Republicans will head to the polls on August 7th to decide who they want to represent their party in the November governor’s race. Three democratic candidates hope they’ll be chosen, and money – and the television ads it buys – has played an interesting role in the Democratic race so far. 


John Bizon says much has been done to improve Michigan’s economy. But he says the state still faces problems in health care, transportation and education.

Andy Robins / WMUK

(MPRN) The Republican candidates for governor have been battling it out for months. There’s more money being spent on the Republican primary than recent years– and it’s being used to help the candidates go after each other. 

Gordon Evans / WMUK

Aric Nesbitt spent six years in the state House and just over a year as Michigan Lottery Commissioner. The Republican from Lawton hopes to work reducing auto insurance rates, improving roads and getting rid of sanctuary cities.

Gordon Evans / WMUK

Alberta Griffin says when she felt like she didn’t have a voice she decided to run for state House to help write the laws for others who also don’t have a voice.