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A man in a hooded raincoat sits behind a large sign that says "climate change is an emergency." He is sitting under a metal awning frame. Kalamazoo Central High School is in the background.
Sehvilla Mann / WMUK


A Kalamazoo high school teacher says he’ll go without food today through Sunday, to demand that Democrats restore key greenhouse-gas-curbing provisions to President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill.

Leona Larson / WMUK

Kalamazoo residents living near the eastside Graphic Packaging plant on Pitcher Street got some good news on Tuesday night. In an online meeting to update the public on air quality testing near the plant, state officials said the rotten egg smell from hydrogen sulfide doesn’t cause asthma or cancer.

Un-trashing The Kalamazoo River

Jun 10, 2021
Leona Larson / WMUK

Mattresses, furniture, pop bottles, and more. Volunteers fished over a ton of trash out of the Kalamazoo River during the June 2021 Kalamazoo River Cleanup.

Short corn plants with some leaves brown and crinkled grow in rows under an arching farm sprinkler.
Robert Ray / AP Photo

Arsenic is a problem for many private wells in Michigan. Now a study from the US Geological Survey finds a drought could make things even worse.

A closeup of a pair of arms/hands, upturned, with muddy brown silt covering each palm
Courtesy photo / Jon Lee

The company that operates Morrow Dam says it’s almost ready to dredge a small amount of sediment from the Kalamazoo River. But its overall timetable for cleaning up the silt that poured out of the dam’s reservoir last year has not satisfied state regulators.