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Short corn plants with some leaves brown and crinkled grow in rows under an arching farm sprinkler.
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Arsenic is a problem for many private wells in Michigan. Now a study from the US Geological Survey finds a drought could make things even worse.

A closeup of a pair of arms/hands, upturned, with muddy brown silt covering each palm
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The company that operates Morrow Dam says it’s almost ready to dredge a small amount of sediment from the Kalamazoo River. But its overall timetable for cleaning up the silt that poured out of the dam’s reservoir last year has not satisfied state regulators.

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The Portage City Council says it generally avoids weighing in on problems beyond its immediate control. But it’s poised to make an exception for climate change.

A three-quarter view of a young man holding a microphone and addressing a crowd. He is wearing a purple hat with the Greek letters of his fraternity, and a black anti-Covid face mask as well as blue latex gloves. At right, another young man listens.
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Western Michigan University student George Seahorn has a thinker’s interest in nature. 

A senior in philosophy, he says he’s fascinated by “harmony after disasters, the peace after a rainstorm or the calm after a blizzard.”

Seahorn also has a passion for African-American studies. “It gives me some kind of hope on my origins,” he told WMUK. “Eventually I’m going to figure it out.”

As Seahorn was picking out classes for the fall, he saw one that promised to unite these interests.

County Weighs In On Morrow Lake Dam

Dec 3, 2020
Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

Kalamazoo County commissioners are weighing in on problems caused by a dam on the Kalamazoo River.