A wide view of the Kalamazoo River. The sky is partly cloudy. The banks are tree-lined. The water looks opaque-brown. A tall power line is visible at left.
Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

The City of Kalamazoo is considering a proposal from Consumers Energy to clear about 700 trees on the city's North Side near the Kalamazoo River. While the city’s Tree Committee approved the plan last week, some members say it reflects an outmoded view of trees' value to Kalamazoo.

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Closeup of a man's forearms and hands, with dark, goopy mud in his palms. Leaves and trunks behind.
Courtesy photo / Jon Lee/Devin Bloom

A company that’s part of the Superfund cleanup of the Kalamazoo River has concerns about the Morrow Dam drawdown. Paper manufacturer Georgia-Pacific wants to know if PCBs have washed out of Morrow Lake near Galesburg. The company says it can find out by testing fish, but the state has a problem with the plan.

Andy Robins / WMUK

A new project could help reverse a sharp drop in the number of birds in southwest Michigan.

Otten is wearing a ball cap, sunglasses and a pink tie dye shirt. He's holding a turtle in each hand. The river is behind him.
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10 years ago, a massive oil spill near Marshall polluted about 30 miles of the Kalamazoo River. We have taken a look back at what happened to line 6-B and what followed over the next decade. 

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

Beth Wallace is with the National Wildlife Federation. She works from its office in Ann Arbor. But Wallace is originally from Marshall. When Enbridge Energy’s Line 6B pipeline broke near the city in 2010, Wallace headed home to help with the cleanup. The pipe had spilled close to a million gallons of crude oil into the Kalamazoo River.