Gibson Guitar Factory

1944 Photo by Margaret Hart

In 2013, the book Kalamazoo Galsby professor and music journalist John Thomas, became a hit across the globe. The work told the unique story of women stepping into the Gibson Guitar plant during World War II and building instruments themselves. There were a lot of fascinating details -- of hardship, social justice and industrial cover-up. Now, three years later, some of the Kalamazoo Gals mysteries still remain -- and some are only getting stranger.

Mark Brotebeck

Mark Brotebeck primarily paints portraits of famous musicians from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Artists like Jerry Garcia and Bob Dylan.

The Gibson Smoke Stack: A Landmark Or A Hazard?

Jan 15, 2015
The old Gibson Guitar Factory building
Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

On Monday, it was almost the end for the old Gibson Guitar Factory smoke stack. Workers arrived to demolish it, but they were met by protestors and Kalamazoo city building officials.