Islam Questions

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Leenah Safi says part of Islam’s worldview is that women have to be held in high esteem. She says all religions aim for an ideal, but often fall short.

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Earlier this year we asked you what you wanted to know about Islam. That’s led to a story about the theology of Islam and another about what it means for food to be halal. Now, we answer a question from Arthur Riley of Kalamazoo.

“I hear a lot about imams on the radio and throughout the world,” Riley says.

“Some of them seem to be in political situations and take political positions and I wondered what criteria establish one to be an imam and what sort of training one goes through to become an imam.”

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A Michigan State University professor who studies Islamic thought says while there is agreement among Muslisms there is one God, prayer is good, and you should give to the poor, he says there is wide diversity in interpretations.

What Is Halal Food? Can Grocery Store Chains Carry It?

Jun 13, 2017
Owner of Bab El Salam in Portage, Mazen, points at pre-packaged, halal meat he sells at his store.
Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

For the past few months, we’ve been taking your questions on Islam and the cultural practices of Muslims. Listener Julie Kelemen used to work for Meijer in the clothing department. She also hosted a Pakistani exchange student for a year. That prompted Kelemen to ask: What would it take for a chain of grocery stores to carry halal meat?