Student Newspapers Are Split On Whether To Stay In Print

Jan 28, 2019
Bruin staff that transitioned to online.
The Bruin News / Kellogg Community College

Some editors now see an online-only format as the best way to get readers and to train journalists. Others worry that their papers will fall into obscurity if they stop their print editions.

Courtesy of Encore Magazine

Western Michigan University Professor Sue Ellen Christian says her conversations with Encore Editor Marie Lee about students contributing to the magazine turned into a “takeover” of the May edition.

VOA News, Wikimedia Commons

Fake news isn’t new. Western Michigan University Journalism Professor Sue Ellen Christian says it has existed “since the printing press.” But she says news, real or fake, is now highly shareable.

Associated Press / AP

According to legend, actor and director Orson Welles scared more than just the pants off an anxious nation with his famous 1938  War of the Worlds radio broadcast. But a Michigan historian and author says the myth that the show led to The Night That Panicked America, as a later TV movie called it, is just that: a myth. 


Intercom, an association made up of communication professionals in Kalamazoo, is hosting an event on Thursday called Breaking the News.