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Social Service Agency InterAct Is Closing

Sep 27, 2021
InterAct's brick building has glass doors with the name stenciled on, and a silver-colored overhang
Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

A nonprofit providing mental health services and treatment for substance use disorder in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids is closing.

Anna is smiling and holding a picture of her prizewinning chickens and Megan, to her right, is holding a white banner from the prizes. In the background attendees of the auction stand in a dimly lit pavilion
Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

Most of the Kalamazoo County fair was canceled this year as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. But unlike last year, kids and youth in 4-H got to bring their animals to the fairgrounds. After nearly two weeks of showing animals from horses to goats to rabbits, the shows ended today with a livestock auction, the fair’s only public event for 2021.

Kalamazoo County Begins Work On New Courthouse

May 26, 2021
John McNeill / WMUK

Kalamazoo County has broken ground for its new court complex. The $97-million complex will be in downtown Kalamazoo.

Kalamazoo County OKs Contentious Health Fund

Apr 7, 2021
Andy Robins / WMUK

Kalamazoo County commissioners have approved funding for a controversial first-of-its-kind health program by the narrowest of margins.

County Leaves SW Michigan First

Mar 2, 2021
Andy Robins / WMUK

Kalamazoo County commissioners have voted to suspend payments to Southwest Michigan First.