Kalamazoo County


Kalamazoo County’s Board of Commissioners is currently split 5-5 between Republicans and Democrats. That’s in part due to partisan divisions on the board.

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

A vacant seat on the Kalamazoo County Board will go empty for the rest of the year. Commissioners deadlocked on Tuesday over a motion to appoint a temporary representative for District 2.

Former commissioner Kevin Wordelman resigned from the seat last week after moving out of the district.

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Where do you get a blood test for PFASes? Is the federal limit for drinking water safe, if several states have set their limits lower? Is red tape keeping the Department of Defense from cleaning up the chemicals at military bases?

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Kalamazoo County has a problem with opioids but also with methamphetamine. Officials with the county say meth-related arrests have spiked in the last year.

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Kalamazoo County’s lawyer is raising questions about a property transfer overseen by its treasurer. According to documents shared with WMUK, the county has asked the Michigan State Police to investigate the transaction. At issue is a house on Kalamazoo’s North Side that now belongs to the nonprofit group Mothers of Hope, which has ties to the chair of the Kalamazoo County Board.