Kalamazoo County

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Years after the idea first came before the Board, Kalamazoo County commissioners have voted to build a $5 million new animal shelter. Supporters of the overhaul, including Kalamazoo County Animal Services and Enforcement Director Steve Lawrence have long criticized the existing building.

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Kalamazoo County does not collect a tax to pay for services for older adults, but that could change August  7. Voters will consider a 0.35-mill levy to raise money for a variety of programs, potentially including everything from help with homemaking to outreach to isolated older adults.

The "senior millage," if it passes, would cost a homeowner whose house's taxable value is $100,000 about $35 a year. West Southwest spoke with former Kalamazoo County Area Agency on Aging director Judy Sivak about why she supports the millage, and Kalamazoo County Commissioner and chair of the Kalamazoo GOP Scott McGraw about why he opposes it.

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Commissioners also agreed to require permits for non-potable wells.

Kalamazoo County has taken a step toward suing the makers of opioid drugs, but it has not made a final decision about whether to join a lawsuit against those companies.

Kalamazoo County Drain Commissioner's Office

Water at the surface and underground is much higher than usual in some parts of Michigan. That means flooding has continued to plague some communities.

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Kalamazoo County is the latest Michigan government to offer a local ID card. Supporters say the IDs will help residents who don’t have state identification to access essential services such as banking and filling a prescription.