Kalamazoo County

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Commissioners are also considering major changes for the veteran services department.

Kalamazoo County appears likely to place a senior millage on the November ballot, though it still has to work out the details. On Tuesday commissioners set a special meeting for August 8 where they hope to hammer out the language.

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The commission also considered options for moving forward with consolidated 911 dispatch.  

Supporters of a Kalamazoo County ID card program who have packed recent board meetings have seen their efforts rewarded. Commissioners approved a plan to start issuing countywide IDs next year.

The vote split along party lines with the board’s six Democrats supporting the idea and five Republicans voting against it.

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After two years when the Kalamazoo County administrator’s office was in flux, commissioners hired Tracie Moored for the post last fall. Last week, in a sign that perhaps stability has returned, the board approved a three-year contract. Moored joined WMUK’s West Southwest to talk about her approach to county government and her priorities for the next few years.

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The Kalamazoo County Board appears to be pleased with the work of its top appointed official, Tracie Moored. On Thursday commissioners voted 11-0 to grant Moored a three-year contract. That replaces the one-year agreement they made with her last year.

The board agreed to hire Moored, the former county finance director, last fall after a number of false starts while trying to fill the office.

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

Commissioners also heard from supporters of a "senior millage" for the November ballot and from an anti-gun-violence group concerned with a remark the Vice-Chair made last month.

Kalamazoo County is poised to decide whether to pursue a program that would make residents eligible for a county-wide ID. Supporters say many people can’t get ahold of the paperwork they need for a state ID, and sometimes that means they cannot access services like banking or health care.

The Kalamazoo Board is set to vote July 5 on whether to craft a local ID plan, which supporters hope would launch in January.