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Kalamazoo Public Schools

A man in a hooded raincoat sits behind a large sign that says "climate change is an emergency." He is sitting under a metal awning frame. Kalamazoo Central High School is in the background.
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A Kalamazoo high school teacher says he’ll go without food today through Sunday, to demand that Democrats restore key greenhouse-gas-curbing provisions to President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill.

The School Mask Debate Continues

Sep 10, 2021
John McNeill / WMUK

Although the pandemic continues, Kalamazoo Public School officials say there haven't been any COVID-related problems - so far.

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The nationwide shortage of school bus drivers is having an impact in Kalamazoo.

The photo highlights a yellow-orange banner on a brick outside wall at El Sol Elementary in Kalamazoo, proclaiming that El Sol is a Promise school. The doorway to the building is in the background.
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Some parents with children in Kalamazoo Public Schools are calling for the district to reopen enrollment for virtual learning.

A woman reaches into the frame to pick up notebooks, drawings, and a bag of pencils, which are scattered on a coffee table
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Sarah Davis of Kalamazoo has three children in the Kalamazoo Public Schools. Sitting at her kitchen table, she recalls learning the district would let families decide whether to bring their kids back to the classroom or continue with virtual school.

“And then I just kind of brought it to the kids," she said, "Like, ‘knowing that you will need to like have a mask on the entire time you are at school, knowing that maybe you’d be socially distanced, what do you wanna do?’”