Kate Yancho

Amelia Falk

The unpredictability of the COVID-19 virus is part of the planning, as Wellspring/Cori Terry and Dancers moves forward with its 40th anniversary season. In a conversation with Cara Lieurance, founder Cori Terry  and executive director Kate Yancho share their excitement for two upcoming events:  Choreography And Cocktails 2, at 7 pm on Fri, Nov 20, and TURBULENCE: Fall Concert of Dance, at 8 pm on Saturday, Nov 21. Both are online, interactive presentations that showcase new and classic dance pieces created by the modern dance company. They are both pay-what-you-can events, starting with a minimal fee.


For its 40th season, Wellspring/Cori Terry and Dancers will share some of their most significant choreography and performance achievements on film with online audiences, side-stepping restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.