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Kalamazoo Public Schools is reversing a controversial decision to leave books focusing on certain identities out of a reading initiative. The district is also apologizing for a statement that caused a public outcry.

Earlier this month, two concerned parents spoke to the school board. They’d heard that an effort to diversify KPS elementary classroom libraries would not include LGBTQ-centered books.

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Update: KPS now says it will include books with LGBTQ, disability and socioeconomic themes in the Diverse Classroom Libraries initiative.

This story has been updated to include further statements by the school district.

Kalamazoo Public Schools is running into controversy as the district seeks to diversify books in elementary classrooms. On Tuesday KPS confirmed that effort won’t include books with LGBTQ themes.

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Students from Hillside Middle School in Kalamazoo won a state title last year in robotics. Now the team is getting ready for this year’s championship in Battle Creek.

KPS Diversifies Classroom Books

Nov 14, 2018
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The Kalamazoo Public Schools are bringing more diversity to the books in the district’s classrooms. They feature a more diverse range of characters.

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(MPRN) -- The state is giving 38 of Michigan’s worst-performing schools 60 days to come up with a turnaround plan. They include the Washington Writers Academy and the Woodward School for Technology and Research in Kalamazoo.