Carolyn Kaster/AP

Great Lakes Echo Commentator Gary Wilson says there are federal investigations into the Flint water crisis, but he says not much is known beyond that. 

Joe Mabel / Wikimedia Commons

Lead played a starring role in American life for much of the 20th century. People drove cars that ran on leaded gas and painted their walls with lead paint. Many drank water from municipal pipes and household plumbing made from lead. The University of Michigan’s Stuart Batterman says it added up to “ubiquitous” lead exposure in the United States, with enduring consequences.

"All eyes are fixed on Flint as the crisis over lead in the city's drinking water supply has unfolded at an accelerating pace since 2014. But Flint is not the only municipal or private water supply in Michigan where the drinking water is testing at or above levels that researchers and public health officials consider to be the threshold for concerning exposure to a potent neurotoxin." (MLive)