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lunar eclipse

Photo of a red "blood moon," taken on March 23, 1997
Courtesy of Eric Schreur

It’s called a “blood Beaver Moon” and it’s the longest partial lunar eclipse of the century. It’s happening in the wee hours of the morning Friday. And if you miss it this time, you’re out of luck. This celestial event won’t happen again until the year 2669.

The planet Saturn can be seen diagonally to the right of the moon during a total lunar eclipse seen from Emeryville, Calif., Thursday, September 26, 1996.
AP Images/Robin Weiner

On Sunday, there will be a total eclipse of the harvest moon. It’s the last lunar eclipse we’ll see for another four years. The Kalamazoo Astronomical Society will be hosting a public watch party Sunday night at 8 p.m. at Richland Township Park.