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Mark Bugnaski / WMU Theater

Joan Herrington, the chair of the WMU Theater Department, talks with Cara Lieurance about the eight upcoming productions by living playwrights in the 2021-22 season, and how the department changed its decision-making process to prioritize diverse viewpoints and student input.

Face Off Theatre

In a season titled "Rebirth," Face Off Theatre Company will tell dramatic, satirical and personal stories that illuminate the struggle for economic prosperity by Black Americans, starting Feb. 26 with the livestreaming of Fabulation: Or The Re-Education of Undine.

WMU students Tina Pinson, Marrisa Harrington and Eddie Coleman.
WMU Theatre Dept.

Western Michigan University theater students will perform the Pulitzer prize winning drama, Ruined Thursday night.

“The play takes place in the eastern portion of the Democratic Republic of Congo," says Director Awoye Timpo. "And it’s all about the lives of the men and women who have been affected by the war that’s been going on there.”