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Minor Element

Audrey Merlihan, creative director / Blvcksheep Music

Minor Element is a band with long, expressive, groove-centered instrumentals that free the mind to focus on small details or enjoy the overall feeling. Their music puts a range of emotions on display, often in the same piece, which co-founder Brandon Fitzpatrick considers to be vital to self-expression. Returning to the stage after a year's absence during the pandemic, the band will perform live at 7 pm on Saturday, June 19 in a livestreamed Juneteenth celebration, presented by The Gilmore. Free tickets are available at www.thegilmore.org. 

Craig Freeman

Keyboardist Brandon Fitzpatrick and guitarist Braulio Green, who grew up gigging together in Battle Creek, MI, are the visionaries behind Minor Element: an ambitious, 9-piece jazz fusion group that has just released its first EP, Stranger Things Have Happened.

Minor Element

Anthony Tyler and Braulio Green of Minor Element, Tony Mitchell of Basic Comfort, and Jay Jackson and Terence Smith of Last Gasp Collective join Cara Lieurance to talk about a big "collab" this Friday night at Bell's Eccentric Café, which will bring together their three groups as well as the band Lushh. Doors open at 8:30 pm, for further details, visit Minor Element's website.