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Courtesy of Monica Washington Padula

Monica Washington Padula is a trailblazer in Kalamazoo. The multi-instrument, classically trained musician and music educator of African-American and Indigenous descent operates her own piano studio. She’s on a mission to get more children of color fired up about playing instruments.

Donna Alford

A new project hopes to tell a more complete - and inclusive - version of Kalamazoo's history.

Courtesy Roaring Fire Films

One of the longest-running indie films in recent years is making a few stops in West Michigan September 26 through 28.


Pat Lynn says history can’t be changed but she says removing the sculpture from the Fountain of the Pioneers in Kalamazoo’s Bronson Park would help heal from racism. (The story has been updated, see below)

Supporters and opponents of the Paw Paw "Redskins" at a school board meeting in February
Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

Linda Cypret-Kilbourne says the name Redskins turns her stomach. One of the founders of the Michigan Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media says the name comes from the scalping of Native American people when there were bounties on their heads, money was paid for the scalps of men, women and children.