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Western Michigan University has won a federal grant to help overdoses and deaths related to opioid drugs. The MY-PROUD program will put masters’ degree students from the College of Health and Human Services into schools and medical centers. Associate WMU social work professor Jennifer Harrison says they’ll help young people caught up in the opioid abuse epidemic.

Kalamazoo County To Join Opioid Lawsuit

Aug 22, 2018
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Kalamazoo County has agreed to join a class-action lawsuit against opioid manufacturers. The lawsuit seeks recovery of money local governments have spent dealing with an epidemic of opioid overdoses. 

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When some people take opioids it addresses their pain, and they have no trouble when it’s time to stop using them. But some people struggle to find the right pain relief, and others end up addicted. A new study being conducted in the Kalamazoo area is searching for the role genetics may play.

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Kalamazoo County Board members have expressed interest in joining a lawsuit against manufacturers of opioid drugs. Local governments around the country are seeking damages for the costs of fighting the opioid epidemic. Those governments have also sought to change drug companies’ marketing of opioids.


(MPRN-Lansing) Nine cities and counties from across Michigan are taking drug companies to court. From the Upper Peninsula to Detroit, they are trying to recover many millions of dollars in costs related to the opioid crisis.