Palisades Nuclear Power Plant


A state lawmaker says communities should have a voice in the process of decommissioning nuclear power plants. State Representative Jon Hoadley has introduced a bill that would create a new "Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel."

Rebecca Thiele / WMUK

On Friday, the Michigan Public Service Commission approved a plan to let Consumers Energy end its power purchase agreement with Palisades’ owner Entergy.

Rebecca Thiele / WMUK

An anti-nuclear activist says Palisades Nuclear Power Plant will still be a concern even after it’s closed. Chris Williams advocated for the shutdown of another Entergy-owned plant - Vermont Yankee. Williams addressed South Haven residents and activists at a talk Thursday night at Lake Michigan College. 

WSW: A Long Checklist Before Palisades Closes

May 8, 2017
A poster hanging in the main entrance to the Covert Public Schools building
Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

Closing the Palisades Nuclear Power Plant in Covert Township means finding a place for spent nuclear fuel and determining where power currently generated by the plant will come from.

Where Will The Waste From Palisades Nuclear Plant Go?

Mar 13, 2017
In this April 13, 2006, file photo, Pete Vavricka conducts an underground train from the entrance of Yucca Mountain in Nevada.
Isaac Breekken, AP Images

If Palisades Nuclear Power Plant shuts down next year, where will the nuclear waste go? The short answer is probably nowhere.