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Allied Paper Landfill Cleanup Begins

May 24, 2021
Andy Robins / WMUK

Work is about to begin on one of the last major projects in the massive Kalamazoo River Superfund cleanup.

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Lake Michigan Senior Correspondent for Detroit Public Television’s Great Lakes Bureau Gary Wilson says nobody’s going to say they don’t want to take care of drinking water problems in Michigan. But he says there will be debates over Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s proposal to spend $120-million on drinking water infrastructure. 

Whitmer proposed the supplemental funding as she presented her budget proposal to the state Legislature. The money would be used for replacing lead service lines, responding to PFASes and setting up a fund so local governments can borrow money for water infrastructure. Wilson says Whitmer’s request shows that drinking water is near the top of her agenda along with roads and schools.

Gordon Evans / WMUK

PFAS compounds have turned up in the soil and groundwater in several parts of Michigan. Researchers want to know how far the chemicals will spread and how quickly they will move. It's one of several topics likely to be discussed at a meeting on PFAS research at Western Michigan University on Thursday.

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

Where do you get a blood test for PFASes? Is the federal limit for drinking water safe, if several states have set their limits lower? Is red tape keeping the Department of Defense from cleaning up the chemicals at military bases?

Gordon Evans / WMUK

Kalamazoo County’s Department of Health and Community Services has lifted the drinking water advisory for residents of Parchment and Cooper Township connected to the municipal water system.