Southwest Michigan's Second Wave

Susan Andress / Southwest Michigan's Second Wave

Theresa Coty O’Neill says she has discovered a rich legacy and generations of families in part of Kalamazoo. The On the Ground Project Editor for Southwest Michigan’s Second Wave is now writing about the people and places on Kalamazoo’s Northside. 

Fran Dwight / On the Ground Edison/Southwest Michigan's Second Wave

Theresa Coty O’Neil says photographs from the 1950’s show a vibrant Washington Square in Kalamazoo’s Edison Neighborhood. Her story for the On the Ground Edison Project from Southwest Michigan’s Second Wave tells the story of trying to recreate that atmosphere.

File photo from Bell's Brewing

Southwest Michigan's Second Wave Craft Beer Writer Jeremy Martin says Kalamazoo is becoming known for breweries as much as it is for free college and Gibson Guitars.