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A Miracle Field designed to accommodate people with disabilities
Courtesy of the Miracle League

When the owners of the Dome Sports Center in Schoolcraft were looking for a plan to develop nearby property, they were taken to a baseball field in Grand Rapids designed for people with disabilities. Jud Hoff says “In about five minutes we turned to each other and said ‘we have to do this.’”

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Jud Hoff says watching kids play baseball in the Miracle League you can see the “Joy and glee on their faces.” He wants to bring a new field and the opportunity for disabled kids to play baseball to Southwest Michigan. 

Hoff is one of the owners of the Dome Sports Center in Schoolcraft, and president of the board of the Southwest Michigan Miracle League. A $1.1-million fundraising campaign is starting to bring a custom designed field in Schoolcraft. It will allow young people with disabilities to play baseball. A fundraising event is being held Saturday May 11th at the Dome Sports Center. Note: In an earlier version of this story, Jud Hoff's name was misspelled, we apologize for the error. 

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As families gather for Thanksgiving to enjoy turkey, mashed potatoes, and maybe football, we present a rebroadcast of our segment on a movie about the integration of college football in the 1960’s. 

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When former NFL defensive lineman Bubba Smith passed away in 2011, Maya Washington learned more about the integration of college football in the 1960’s. Part of the story involves her father Gene Washington. That inspired a new documentary film being screened in Grand Rapids on Wednesday.

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A lot of movies have been made about football and baseball. But professional tennis? Not so much. But a new film about the clash of two tennis titans comes to southwest Michigan. WMUK’s James Sanford has this review of Borg vs. McEnroe. It will be shown at the Riviera Theater in Three Rivers on Saturday, May 19.