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WMUK has been recognized by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters in their annual Broadcast Excellence Awards. Earlene McMichael’s series After the Protests, What Then? won the award for best mini-documentary or series in Public Radio Group 1.

The Business is coming to WMUK. Public radio's show about the business of show business is hosted by Kim Masters, Editor at Large for The Hollywood Reporter. A former Hollywood correspondent for NPR, she is the author of The Keys to the Kingdom: The Rise of Michael Eisner and the Fall of Everybody Else.

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There will be a brief service interuption on Classical WMUK 89.9FM Tuesday evening, October 27 for transmitter maintenance. This work will begin about 7:30p.m. Tuesday and should take approximately 24 hours. While 89.9FM will be off the air for a short period of time while switching to a backup transmitter. Service on 102.1FM HD-2, and the WMUK app won’t be affected. Thank you for your patience.

Beginning Monday, October 5th WMUK introduces a new weekday lineup. 

Beginning September 13, 2020 we will have a new Sunday lineup on WMUK 102.1 FM.