W.K. Kellogg Auditorium

Garland Cannon, via Flickr. All Creative Commons license / https://bit.ly/3lMGl5Q

The Battle Creek Symphony, which typically presents around 70 school outreach events every year, responded to the COVID-19 pandemic last spring by offering free online music lessons to all kids in the Battle Creek school system. Now, as music director Anne Harrigan tells Cara Lieurance, it's time to bring the BCSO musicians back to the stage, and give music lovers free access to online events on a pay-what-you-can basis.

Ingalls Pictures/Brass Band of Battle Creek

The Brass Band of Battle Creek will present a concert release, "Joyous Noise: A Concert For Our Times," on Tuesday at 7 pm at the band's YouTube channel.  Shannon Aikins, executive director of the Brass Band of Battle Creek and Jens Lindemann, international trumpet soloist, talk to Cara Lieurance to preview the concert, which was filmed in W.K. Kellogg Auditorium.

Along with Lindemann, the concert brings together brass superstars Wycliffe GordonRichard Kelley, Adam Unsworth, and William Russell, with Mike Hyde, Ray Tini, Terry Lower and Keith Hall as the rhythm section. A twice-yearly gathering of brass players like no other on the planet, Lindemann says he wanted to keep the spirit of the event alive, as do his musical colleagues. Aikins says as executive director of the Brass Band of Battle Creek, she was fielding a lot of questions and requests from people who love the BBBC's Winter and Spring concerts, and were hoping to see them again.

World-Class Pipe Organ Hidden In Battle Creek

Aug 11, 2016
Rebecca Thiele/WMUK

W.K. Kellogg Auditorium in Battle Creek has a secret. It’s hidden beneath the floor boards of the stage. It’s in the ceiling and in the walls. It’s everywhere, but you’ve likely never seen it. It’s one of the last unaltered pipe organs built by Ernest M. Skinner - considered to be one of the greatest organ makers in American history. 


The Battle Creek Symphony presents “An Evening with the Royals” this Saturday at 7:30 pm in W.K. Kellogg Auditorium, led by music director and conductor Anne Harrigan