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On Dec. 27, WMUK replayed our interview with Kalamazoo builder Jeremy Cole on the WestSouthwest news and public affairs show. HGTV is expected to air a pilot about his efforts to rehab vacant homes. It originally aired July 23, 2018.

Cover of the book When the Promise Was Broken: Short Plays Inspired by the Songs of Bruce Springsteen from Smith and Kraus Publishers
Smith and Kraus Publishers

Western Michigan University Theater Department Chair Joan Herrington says when playwrights were asked to contribute to a book of plays inspired by the music of Bruce Springsteen there were usually two responses. One was “a resounding ‘you must be insane’ or an even more resounding ‘this is the thing I’ve been waiting for my entire life.’” Herrington is the Editor of When the Promise Was Broken: Short Plays Inspired by the Songs of Bruce Springsteen.

The book contains 13 plays including Glad for the Company inspired by the song Nebraska. It’s written by Tucker Rafferty, who teaches drama and improvisation at KRESA. Western Michigan University English Professor Steve Feffer wrote the play Growing Up or I Was a Teenage Bruce Springsteen inspired by the song Growin’ Up.

The South Campus site on Monday. The university cut down about 60 trees there over Thanksgiving break, according to the Facilities department (Photo by WMUK/Sehvilla Mann)
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In planning an overhaul of the area near Stadium Drive, Western either disregarded its tree care plan or failed to meet the standards of a conservation program in which it has long participated.

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For some transgender college students, the question of where to go with issues of injustice could soon become more complicated.

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Western Michigan University is working on a new, detailed study of its carbon emissions, the first in several years. The school’s latest greenhouse gas inventory will look at major factors such as commuting and generating power. It will also account for impacts from solid waste and even from student air travel for study-abroad programs.