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Courtesy of Jermaine Jackson

Kalamazoo has a link to an African-American woman who, involuntarily, contributed to seven decades of medical breakthroughs in cancer, AIDS, polio, even the coronavirus vaccine: Jermaine Jackson is a nephew of the late Henrietta Lacks. He recently completed a traveling exhibit about her.

How The Pandemic Has Overwhelmed Animal Clinics

Mar 16, 2021
A fluffy black and white kitten sits on a patterned cushion in a plastic carrier. She has taupe-colored eyes and a pink nose. She has light yellow-brown eyes and a pale pink nose.
Courtesy photo / Julie Barber

Julie Barber works at the Kalamazoo Humane Society. She knows a few things about caring for animals. One day last summer, her husband called: he’d found a stray kitten with black and white fur. It had a BB embedded in its forehead.

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

Arthur Riley of Kalamazoo has a fond memory from Charlevoix, where he lived years ago. He said winters Up North started out snowy and gray. “But then the Lake froze,” – Lake Michigan – “And then we had a lot of sun. It was absolutely beautiful." (When the Lake freezes it cuts down on lake effect snow – more on that soon.)

A front view of a two story red-brick building with arched windows and a wooden belfry
Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

In Oshtemo Township a drama has been brewing over the future of the stately but run-down Number 10 school on Stadium Drive near Ninth Street. The owner of a local construction and tree-cutting business has bought it and wants to fix it up. But he’d have to park heavy trucks there, and Oshtemo says that’s a no-go. Planners may give a final thumbs-down at a meeting Thursday, March 11. If the schoolhouse changes hands it may get torn down.

Kalamazoo Brewers Target Plastic Recycling

Mar 8, 2021
Bell's Brewing

Bell’s Brewing and the Kalamazoo Nature Center are leading a recycling co-op to keep 26,000 pounds of plastic out of Michigan landfills each year.