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Kalamazoo County’s lawyer is raising questions about a property transfer overseen by its treasurer. According to documents shared with WMUK, the county has asked the Michigan State Police to investigate the transaction. At issue is a house on Kalamazoo’s North Side that now belongs to the nonprofit group Mothers of Hope, which has ties to the chair of the Kalamazoo County Board.

Kalamazoo Removes Bronson Park Homeless Camp

Sep 18, 2018
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UPDATE: The Kalamazoo Gazette says 14 people were arrested as Kalamazoo Public Safety officers swept the park on Wednesday morning, September 19. Those arrested include Kalamazoo City Commissioner Shannon Sykes Nehring. A 7 p.m. deadline the previous evening passed without police action to remove the camp. It was set up August 19 to protest what camp residents and advocates say is a lack of action by the city on homelessness.

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Western Michigan University’s president says it's launched or expanded several programs to help students thrive.

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“If we get all the way to Decatur I’ll know we’ve passed it, but I think this might be it right here. Yep, that’s it right here!”