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Closeup of a man's forearms and hands, with dark, goopy mud in his palms. Leaves and trunks behind.
Courtesy photo / Jon Lee/Devin Bloom

A company that’s part of the Superfund cleanup of the Kalamazoo River has concerns about the Morrow Dam drawdown. Paper manufacturer Georgia-Pacific wants to know if PCBs have washed out of Morrow Lake near Galesburg. The company says it can find out by testing fish, but the state has a problem with the plan.

Theater Review: The Barn 's Bar Show

Aug 12, 2020
Andy Robins / WMUK

In the past, audiences at the Barn Theatre near Augusta could stop by the Rehearsal Shed after a show for food, drinks, and cabaret-style entertainment at the Bar Show. This summer things are a little different. WMUK’s Gordon Bolar reviews this year’s Bar Show.

Andy Robins / WMUK

A new project could help reverse a sharp drop in the number of birds in southwest Michigan.

Waldo Stadium - file photo. Photo by WMUK

The Mid-American Conference has announced that all fall sports and conference championships have been postponed due to COVID-19. For Western Michigan University the sports affected are football, women’s cross-country, men’s and women’s soccer and volleyball. 

Leonard Swanson

It's hard to miss the bright and colorful art of Ellen Nelson. It’s big. So, you’ve probably seen her murals in and on the outside of buildings throughout Kalamazoo.