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John McNeill / WMUK

The coronavirus outbreak is still in its early days. But Kalamazoo County’s health director says there is already a shortage of supplies and a strain on healthcare workers.

A close-up view of stacks of cans in an otherwise mostly empty warehouse room
Elaine Thompson / AP Photo

A food bank that serves eight counties in southern Michigan is facing a surge in demand for groceries because of the coronavirus pandemic. The South Michigan Food Bank says a food pantry that normally serves about 85 families had 212 of them show up Monday, with as many as 200 more families in line when supplies ran out.

Paul Sancya / AP Photo

The corona virus outbreak now seems likely to trigger a recession. But an senior economist in Kalamazoo says there are ways to reduce the long-term impact.

Andy Robins / WMUK

Evictions are on hold in Kalamazoo County. Sheriff Rick Fuller says he doesn’t want to add to people’s burden during the coronavirus crisis. Fuller says Eighth District Court judge Christopher Haenicke signed off on a plan today to forgo all evictions in the county until at least April 13.