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Art Beat

A weekly look at creativity, arts, and culture in southwest Michigan, hosted by Zinta Aistars.

Fridays in Morning Edition at 7:50am and at 4:20pm during All Things Considered.

Outdoor portrait of author Ellen Bennett
Katherine Mumma

When Ellen Bennett discovered an abandoned, broken down hotel while visiting friends in St. Augustine, Florida, she got an idea.

Courtesy Patrick Wilson

He could have been an architect. But Patrick Wilson took his fascination with buildings and other structures in another direction.

Courtesy The Aroma Labs

For fifteen years, Tanya Thompson mixed cocktails and poured drinks for customers. Then the long-time bartender turned to a different kind of "mixology."

Valarie Birch

Valarie Birch’s art is something of a smorgasbord - with some unusual source material.

David Swan

For Alison Swan, nature is more than a place outdoors. Nature isn’t a place apart. It’s part of who she is, and she is a part of it.