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Is It Art? You Decide At The Weylan Dowd Exhibit

Apr 5, 2018
This crying clown is painted on velvet. Weyland Dowd says the colors really pop under an ultraviolet light.
Rebecca Thiele/WMUK

“Is it art?” It’s a question you’ve probably heard before, even if you don’t hang around in galleries. As part of Friday's Kalamazoo Art Hop, mysterious kitsch collector known as Weylan Dowd — who looks a lot like local artist Steve Curl — poses this question to viewers at his exhibit at Diekema-Hamann Architecture

Western Esports Center Draws Fans As Well As Critics

Mar 28, 2018

Sports are synonymous with America, and when you think of sports the first thing that may come to mind is football or baseball. But a new sport is growing in America — Esports — and Western is planning to use $500,000 dollars to turn the Little Theater into a brand new Esports Arena. 

Latvia's Musical History: Both Ancient And Kind Of New

Mar 22, 2018
The 2008 Latvian Song Festival in Riga, Latvia
Dainis Matisons

As part of the 100th anniversary celebration of Latvian independence, Western Michigan University is hosting two days of Latvian music and art this weekend. 

Review: Few Laughs Had At WMU's "Fish In The Dark"

Mar 22, 2018
John Lacko

Fans of Larry David’s TV show, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” may find something to like in The University Theatre’s “Fish in the Dark”. But David’s zany script about the schemes and plots of Norman and family in the wake of their father Sydney’s death, isn’t for everyone, nor is this production. 

Dick Valentine of Electric Six
Cortney Armitage

It’s been 16 years since Detroit rock and disco band Electric Six released the hit single “Danger! High Voltage.” The band’s front man, who goes by the stage name of Dick Valentine, attributes the band’s early success to Jack White of The White Stripes — who sang on the single. But while White may have opened the door, Valentine says the band has kept it open.