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Charlotte's firefighter woes continue

A white fire hydrant is covered in and surrounded by snow. There are chains on the caps.
FR170776 AP
A snow-covered fire hydrant near Dog Town, Alabama (yes, Alabama) in February of 2014.

Every member of the department resigned last week, saying the city has failed to communicate effectively with them.

(WKAR-FM) Charlotte’s fire department remains without most of its firefighters after a mass resignation last week. The city council failed to approve a resolution at a meeting Monday.

Last week, all twenty-three volunteer firefighters in Charlotte resigned citing long-time communication concerns between city officials and the department.

At a special city council meeting Monday evening, the volunteers urged council members to vote in favor of a resolution to bring them back.

Mike Armitage is Charlotte’s mayor. He said he would like to invite the firefighters back, but that decision falls under the authority of City Manager Erin LaPere.

“Many people were probably hoping for a resolution tonight and I think over the next week we’ll see the city manager continue to work toward that resolution whatever it may be,” Armitage said.

LaPere said she isn't prepared to make a public announcement on a resolution.

“I recognize that there is a need for expediency here, that we can't just wait forever. So I do anticipate that I will be speaking with the chief and working towards a resolution quickly,” LaPere said.

She added that she hopes to reach an agreement with the volunteer team before next week’s city council meeting.

Charlotte continues to work with neighboring agencies to help respond to fire emergencies until an agreement with the firefighters can be reached.