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Pro-ceasefire demonstrators vacate WMU campus

Palestinian flag drawn in chalk on the sidewalk in front of an empty lawn
Jessi Phillips
The group convened on this grassy lawn over the weekend and dismantled its camp early Wednesday morning.

The WMU Gaza Solidarity Encampment is set to meet with WMU administration to discuss demands.

Advocates of a ceasefire in Gaza dismantled their camp at Western Michigan University early this Wednesday morning.

The group voted to leave campus after university officials agreed to meet to discuss its demands. Members had been stationed on the west side of campus since Saturday. The protestors want Western to support a ceasefire, release financial records, and divest from companies that fund Israel or its war efforts. WMU administration agreed to meet this week to discuss the group’s concerns. Organizer Marissa Wagner says she’s feeling hopeful about the outcome.

“We are kind of making history here,” she said. “We’re setting an example for how other universities should follow in dealing with these encampments, showing that it doesn’t have to be met with violence, that it can be peaceful, and that students and faculty can find common ground and work together.”

Wagner says the meeting is scheduled for Thursday morning. Western said in a statement that it appreciates the group’s cooperation.