Symphony Tells Story of Don Juan With Help From Theater Company

Nov 11, 2016

The opening of Don Juan is so difficult for violins, it's required in most orchestra auditions.

Rather than a concerto soloist, the next Battle Creek Symphony concert will showcase a theater company as its featured guest. The What A Do Theatre will fill the roles of the fictional character, Don Juan, and the true-life composer, Richard Strauss, whose 1889 Don Juan was a work that cemented his reputation.

Programming director Teri Noaeill and resident company actor Rachel Markillie of What A Do Theatre join conductor Anne Harrigan in the studio with Cara Lieurance to discuss the unusual project, which was conceived and written by Harrigan. Besides an enacted version of Don Juan, the concert will also feature Mozart's overture to Don Giovanni and recent music from Star Wars by John Williams, whose music pays homage to Strauss and other Romantic era composer.

More information about the concert is at the Battle Creek Symphony website.

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