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What exactly is program underwriting?   

Underwriting is a proclamation of support for WMUK ... that functions like an advertisement for you!

Public radio underwriting is, in practice, similar to running any other ad. However, the "advertising cost” is actually a tax-deductible donation from your organization to WMUK. And the "ad" itself is a 15-second on-air spot that tells listeners about your business or organization. The underwriting ad is aired in an uncluttered radio programming environment that is heard by our active, sophisticated, educated audience. You can view our underwriting kit as a flip book below. 

Who are WMUK's station underwriters:

You can find the full list of WMUK's station underwriters at this link.

NPR's Audience: 

Added benefits of advertising with an NPR station: 

Advertising is advertising. However, an added benefit of supporting an NPR station is your association with the high editorial standards, ideals, and non-commercial mission of WMUK. Your underwriting message will reflect this in quality and tone. Whether your objective is corporate or institutional positioning, loyalty marketing, brand awareness, or increased customer traffic, our underwriting announcements can enhance your marketing mix.

WMUK's discerning audience appreciates quality, service, and integrity. Being an underwriter demonstrates your active support of a respected public service that values news and information programming, as well as a commitment to the arts in our region. 

Additionally, your gift to NPR is not just a marketing cost, it's a tax-deductible charitable donation that comes with the added benefit of an on-air underwriting message. 

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Reach out at (269) 387-5647 or email sakhi.vyas@wmich.edu to learn more.